Is ESS licensed and insured?

 Yes and yes. We are licensed in the State of Florida, Orange County, and the City of Orlando. We are also fully insured with over 2 million dollars in coverage. 

Do you give free estimates?

 Estimates are always free… Hugs are free too! 

Is my house going to get messy during the project?


Yes, renovation and remodel gets messy, especially during the demolition phase. But at the end of each day, our crew becomes obsessed with cleanliness and organizes or removes any waste they possibly can. Additionally, we use floor coverings and plastic walls to reduce the spread of dust when applicable. Plus, we have a pretty sweet HEPA filter vacuum that we use… it really sucks! 

What time does work start and stop?

 For residential projects, we start at 8:00 AM and typically finish between 4:00 and 5:00 PM. For commercial projects, we begin at 7:00 AM and end at 3:30. Special accommodations can be made as well. 

Couldn’t I just do all of this myself?

 Absolutely! You can also pull your own tooth out with a pair of vice grips. But the best recommendation we can make is to go with a professional and save yourself some pain. That is unless to have significant skills in construction or dentistry.  

What type of saftey measures do you take?

 Safety is a tier-one priority at ESS. All of our employees undergo OSHA training and are taught that safety is more important than speed. Unfortunately, the reality is that accidents do happen. Most are avoidable, however. This is why we place a premium on clean job sites, proper planning, and quality work done right the first time.  

modern farmhouse bathroom remodel

Can you design my project?

 We do some in house design and we also work with three local interior designers. For smaller projects, ESS can draft a design for a small cost. For larger remodels, we like to set clients up with a designer because this allows the client to explore all of the various design options with a little guidance from trained professionals. 

How much is an average bathroom remodel?


Well, that’s tough to say. An 80 square foot bathroom can range anywhere from $5000 to $15,000. The biggest factor affecting price is the finish materials which are chosen (tiles, vanities, accessories, fixtures, etc.). 

For example, floor tile can range from $1.25 - $19.50 per square foot. So, the floor tile in an 80 square foot bathroom can range from $100 to $1,560. One thing that may be important to mention here is that this does not include the fixed costs that are associated with completing the job. Some of these include thin-set, backer board, grout, spacers, sealer, etc. Additional costs include labor, such as demolition (if necessary) and installation. 

So, the reality of it is that average prices don’t exist. But don’t worry, we offer free estimates… and free hugs! 

Do you use Subcontractors or do you have employees?

 The short answer is both. We have highly skilled employees who are dedicated to quality and represent the high standards that ESS operates under. Most of our employees undergo our apprenticeship program to ensure consistency and quality. We also work selectively with subcontractors who maintain standards similar to ESS.  

What locations do you serve?

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